Pay per click marketing
We strive to efficiently bring your products and services in front of the potential customers with an insightful pay-per-click strategy yet maintaining a wasteful-free budget.
Budget Spent
Years Experience
key features
Manual Bidding
Each keyword is manually bid to prevent budget leaking thus helps saving the capital
Thickest Adcopy
Despite the size of the product, your ads will be coating all possible features to deliver the best message
Formal Consulting
Nothing more important than understanding the business before deploying the campaigns, the first key to succeed
Advanced Setup
We have the skills to help you set up the most advanced features in Google Ads such as Conversions
Analytics Report
Monthly data pulled from Google Analytics help you understand how your campaigns and customers perform
No Lock-in Contract
We'd like to make our customers 100% comfortable when using our service, no surprised fee in the way
How we determine
a successful PPC campaign
Driving traffic via PPC is a thing, but whether or not the traffic will convert is a different thing. A good campaign will satisfy the customers’ intent and closely align with their search queries results in delivery the most conversions out of the lowest budget. The hardest phase resides in dissecting your business and optimizing, it all comes down to purchase therefore, understanding the customers is our top priority. Other than SEO, Search Marketing should be one of your main traffic sources and an essential technology to drive more conversions.
Our work process

The process will involve both parties to contribute to extract the core business. We help you build the first campaigns with 3 major steps and all the way up to settling down the project. This procedure applies for every of our customer. Please consider one of your resource for collaboration


Get to understand your business, research the possibilities, budget and competitors.


Make the first move with a testing budget to collect data followed by the enhanced campaigns.


Constantly supervise the campaigns to produce the ideal results and adapt to new trends.

Frequently Asked

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ?

As the name itself states, you pay a fee to have someone clicked and visit your site. Sometimes you also see people calling this SEM which is an acronym of Search Engine Marketing but mostly PPC in the common conversation. PPC is the second popular internet marketing channel that helps driving traffic and conversions.

Why is PPC so important in business?

When you start a PPC campaign, your advertisement will display at the very top of the first page, above the first position of organic results and drive tons of traffic and sales. This is the fastest way for your business to stand out and reach the customers without any SEO procedure involved.

What are the key differences between PPC and SEO?

They are the exact opposite characteristics in terms of time and budget. Assuming you are not outsourcing, PPC drives traffic and sales instantly but will cost money on a monthly basis whilst SEO won’t cost you any money but it takes weeks or months for the pages to escalate and start collecting traffic.

How does PPC work for my business?

The whole idea of PPC is obviously to help you achieve more transactions however in some cases, sales rely on the searching trends and volume hence very difficult to achieve. You may want to back up with a lesser goal such as call, booking, signup…So preparing the possible goals applied to your business to monitor the effectiveness of ROI is essential.

What is the ideal budget for a PPC campaign?

The short answer is there is no ideal budget. You can spend $20 or $10000 up to your capability. But don’t expect to see a significant change if you spend a few bucks a day. Spending thousands of dollars on a specific keywords is not practical also. Hire an expert like ZenMarvel to help you calculate the possible budget based on the potential keywords.

How long until I see the positive outcome from PPC?

For any campaign, there is always an “experimental” period or so called a “sacrificed budget” to collect data. The PPC experts suggest to run it at least 2 weeks up to 2 months to see the whole picture. Once the background is clear, we will know which directions should we go. Hence the official outcome should be at the end of the third month.

Should I cancel PPC channel because I don't get any sale?

After many PPC agencies and the results did not meet the expectation. Yes you can always cancel at any time. However, before you do that, try to reconsider the goals and review your products due to the possibility of low search volume that didn’t bring you any traffic and sales. Seek for advice from the experts like ZenMarvel to enhance the ads delivery.

What can ZenMarvel help with PPC?

We manage your account and budget. You only pay us the management fee monthly, no lock-in contract. We have the experts that can set up your account properly as well as tracking the performance. We have the in-house experience therefore our work is extremely detailed and vertical. Your account will never need to reconstruct again.

What is the procedure to request a PPC service?

At ZenMarvel, we review your products/services, research the keywords and calculate the budget. We then send you with an agreement statement including the detailed workflow. After the agreement your campaigns will be set on track. You should start receiving the reports after 1 week from the date of agreement.