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Almost everyone uses internet these days, no matter which industry you are into, it’s crucial to strategise your digital campaigns with the right content to the right individuals. There is no other way around to achieve the success without the art of data acquisition.

By the time you are guessing how you are going to expand your business, your competitors could have reached that customer already because they knew which path the customer may have passed through. Or no matter how good content you had invested into, your ranks still cannot break in the first page, the solution could be very simple due to some technical SEO sector that prevented them from reaching up.

We will help your business walk on the right path by powering your insights with the precious data and digital solutions. Stop wasting time for guessing and order your reports to act now!


The domain in which will be analysed

Technical SEO Audit
The report you receive will list all the current issues apply to your targeted URL. The solutions will be advised our senior in SEO, best fit If your company has an IT team and ready to go. If technical term are a bit overwhelmed and/or your resources are limited, we can help you fix directly by our experienced and skillful experts, however extra fees will apply. If this is the case please use custom quote to request the repair.
backlink profile audit
How aware are you with SEO backlink on a scale of 10? Well its 11 out of 10. It's super important and a major part in ranking since the very beginning of Google. This means it's time to take banklink into a serious consideration for your business. We will report to you how your website backlink profile is performing. Who is linking to you and whether they are good or harmful for your sites. You will know everything about links regarding your targeted domain.
We do offer toxic backlinks elimination service (with a small extra fee), your website should be secured and trouble-free for a long run. Most companies are not aware of this so take the advantage now.
Competitors Research
This is actually the very first statement for a new business "what are my competitors doing?". If they are out there, doing businesses the same expertise as yours. They are way ahead of you and obviously their digital strategies have been on the right track including their best performing pages, product lines, pay-per-click. Why not stop asking yourself over and over and create the right tactic to grow in the fields that your competitors are abandoning.
Keyword Research
This is the backbone of SEO and PPC and any digital channel, having the right keyword is now even harder when Google constantly updates their algorithm. Keyword is just the beginning but having the wrong keyword can be your burden of time and effort. The worst scenario is when the business is after a weak keyword. ZenMarvel has the experts who use facts and turn a keyword into a business advantage and a valuable asset.
The report contains 30 masterpiece seed keywords, crafted for your own use and strategy, for content/blogging you will know the word count, keyword density, substitute long-tailed keywords and how to achieve the results. If you want us to write content for you please use our SEO copywriting service.
All-In-One Rerport
Everything above plus ZenMarvel's love.
Report Types

Technical SEO Full Audit, Backlink Profile Audit, Competitors Research, Keywords Research, All-in-one report