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Running a business without the existence of a website is like an athlete running with one limb. Understanding this demand, our goal is to provide an affordable and high-quality web service to all types of small and medium businesses in Australia. No matter which industry, we ensure to deliver a suitable aesthetic as well as fulfilling your business needs. Your website will be drafted and completed at an incredible speed, ready to serve and reach more customers in your favor.

Select the suitable options for your business below.
(Please view the description here first to see what’s included in the package before building up your site’s addons)

Starts from $895. For a larger store, please refer to this section for more details

Select any suitable addon for your project with a great range of price (always lower than the market)

First 5 pages included at your own choices (e.g. About Us, Portfolios,…)

Keep your blogs & articles (your assets) updated, site maintenance, troubleshooting… (1 unit = 1 month)

FREE 3 months then an annual fee applies. We offer a premium hosting registrar. Quality guaranteed!

Specify as detailed as you can

This is a full website design and development service.
How to buy?
There are 2 ways:
  1. Select your options that best describe your needs and check out as normal with your Paypal or Credit Card. You will receive a confirmation email to verify your submissions and we will contact you to engage with the project. During the project, feel free to contact us regarding anything related to the web. Any further requests after the payment will have an extra charge on top, you will be issued this fee along the way. Only after we receive the payment, shall your extra request be progressed.
  2. Send us a quote and provide as much details as you can so we can estimate a proper budget. Once we come to an agreement, you will receive an invoice for the project, you will need to deposit 50% and the other half after the completion of the web. Once we receive the full payment, we will handover the core files as well as the associated accounts if applicable. If you decide to use our hosting service, the site only goes live after the full payment.
What features included in $599 package?
Assuming you already have your own domain name and you are looking for full website service, our services will guarantee with $599, we can deliver a premium quality just like you pay thousands of dollars elsewhere, the package includes:
  1. Five pages at your choice (apart from homepage), if you don't determine, we will create 5 default pages:
    • Contact me/us
    • Portfolio
    • Service
    • Blog
    • About
    • On the 6th page onward, fees apply at $25 each.
  2. Wordpress CMS, helps you manage and update your media/content/blogs, no limitation
  3.  Three months free hosting, you can use your own host and we will setup your site for free. If you decide to use our hosting service, after 3 months, fees will apply. We recommend to use our host as we use premium hosting servers and you will get our management for free until your next renewal.
  4. Free SSL integration, we don't use 3-months-loop SSL, our SSL is genuine and helps your site secure and increase trust on Google.
  5. We post and update YOUR content.
Upgrades and Extras
If you are an ecommerce customer, extra fees will apply and start from $895. At the handover, we will create a few demos with different variations then guide you how to create and publish a product based on your business on your own. The training is free.
Apart from the available functions for the product pages, fees will apply for any request for custom modules that related to the product page e.g. gift wrap for $5 to the cart.
What can be more professional than having a nice looking email like info@yourdomain.com right? It's called webmail and to have that you may pay a fair amount of bucks to own it. We will help you do setup and integrate for an extra $50, no limitation and fully integrate with Outlook.
Site Management
Too busy to take care of your site? Let us take the hard job and manage the site for you such as troubleshooting any technical problem, publishing YOUR content, maintenance... Fees will apply monthly for $69
If you are still unsure, please use custom quote section and we will give you a quota. order now to own a premium website for your business.


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