Web Events Tracking


To grow a business, it’s crucial to understand your customer. Have you ever wondered one day you saw an ad that you were looking for 2 months ago but now only more appealing with a much greater offer and bam, they got you right in the guts. This is nothing new yet essential for every business. Remarketing data is a must.

Google doesn’t provide you everything by itself, there are tons of data that you can acquire from Google Analytics but it’s either overwhelmed or not enough data for your business.

Those are the events. A custom event, executed by your top funnel viewers can be captured and sent to Google Analytics. By tracking the viewers’ behaviors such as which part of the web do they click the most, which action do they take and you want to know if they are actually using it, or which product is most clicked and much much more.

Tracking is available in many forms but we can help you extract every single data that you will be amazed! Order today for the benefits of your business and have your Google Analytics filled with enriched data.


Enter your website address as well as the login credentials for integration purpose.

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 Ordinary Elements include:
  • Button
  • Hyperlink Text
  • Block
  • Banner/Image/Video
  • Page Scroll
  • Third-party API
Advanced Elements include:
  • Ecommerce Events including but not limited to Add To Cart, Cancel Cart, Remove Item, Purchase, Failed Event...
  • Add a custom event to a specific action and send the record to GA - Highly recommended if this action is a moneyshot action such as Booking, Affiliate...
Super Elements include:
  • Link your Google Ads conversions to the defined action in GA
  • Custom Dimension
  • Social Media such as Facebook Pixels and Facebook Custom Audience Lists
  • iframes

Note: For some cases, we might need to collaborate with your IT developers to handle some heavy tasks.

Tracking Types

Ordinary Elements (Buttons, Clicks, Scrolls, Pages), Advanced Elements (Events, Transactions, Custom Segments), Super Elements (iframe, Facebook Analytics, PPC conversions)