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Did you know most of the SEO agencies embrace as many clients as they can? This results in low quality job with a number of holes here and there. We are the true professionals came from the corporation experiences, full of critical case studies, dipped with practical real-life scenarios. We do not promise and nod our heads aimlessly because we for once are the real SEO professionals.

There is no such thing 1 week or 1 month guarantee to reach rank 1 even if you do, those keywords barely give you the results as desired. At ZenMarvel, we are not only just SEOers, we think like you and act like you to target the right keywords that drive conversions.

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Premium SEO services Australia with marker target in New South Wales

All-in-one SEO service

Our SEO services are available across Australia, our main activities initiate from New South Wales including Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford, Gold Coast, Adelaide.

No matter how far you are, you will experience and obtain the same quality because we thrive to deliver our SEO services to even the most wildest regions.

With us, you no longer need to spend hours to search for different SEO services and packages, ours are affordable and a one-stop all solutions from technical SEO, content strategy and even link building in which 90% of the other agencies don’t offer. We have everything you need!

SEO Services

We have the SEO in small packages that help all types of businesses
without engaging with a heavy-lifting contract. All available and can be ordered directly in our online shop.

Local SEO
Corporate SEO
Strategy Consulting
On-page Audit
Backlinks Audit
toxic backlinks elimination
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Only available at ZENMARVEL, you will have a free SEO audit for your one specified domain. Please fill in the form and once we finish our finding, we will send you a report regarding to your site’s performance.


You will receive a portion report that helps you see a big picture where your site is currently at, how it performs recently and what your competitors are doing. We give away a critital findings in a full format with explainations, observartions and solutions.

Your trust is extremely valuable to us, although this is a free SEO version yet it’s an initiative foundation to build our relationship and companionship therefore, each of our finding should have our serious attention and research and an immediate practical solution to keep your website on track.

Frequently Asked

How does SEO benefit my business?

As one of the core channels of internet marketing, a long-term search engine optimization strategy that helps your business claim your position on the internet. SEO doesn’t require a budget like PPC but it takes time to attract the visitors.

How does SEO look like in 2020?

SEO is getting harder and harder every year. However, the core approach is still pretty much the same as 10 years ago. Whether you do it in house or hiring an agency, make sure your SEO practice must follow the convention (white hat strategies like ZenMarvel) if you expect the good outcome.

What industries need SEO the most?

SEO is an investment that your business will benefit sooner or later hence every business should start SEO as soon as their website is available.

How much should I spend for SEO services?

There is no fixed quota as different agencies will offer different packages. The quality work don’t usually come cheap. SEO can cost from $60 for a very basic setup up to over $15000 for a full service. Some difficult niches like laws, health… tend to spend more as Google is very strict to these categories. At ZenMarvel we have many quotas to suit your business with quality work.

What is a backlink in SEO?

A backlink is simply a link to your website. This is a major factor that Google treats very seriously. Backlink is similar to a vote, the more votes you have the more trust your website will gain and likely to rank higher on search engine.

Is there a shortcut to gain more backlinks?

There is no side track when it comes to SEO. The link building process is faster with the experienced SEOers like ZenMarvel but if you try to do the shortcut, it’s very likely you will end up with some black hat strategies and your project will be easily destroyed. We prefer the guest-post method to build links as it’s been and still a white hat, safe and reliable tactic.

How to get more traffic after having a web for a while?

Having a website is just the beginning. You then need to optimize the site for technical SEO performance, then start your content and link building strategies. This workflow requires a constant and rapid contribution, not set-and-leave and hope for a miracle to come. Most of the businesses are facing this resource issue therefore, developing SEO for your site now brings one step ahead of your competitors.

When do I see SEO results?

If a new website, you should see the change after 2-3 months. For the on-going sites, Google will update and recognize the changes after every 2-4 weeks.

What SEO services does ZenMarvel do?

Everything! If you choose the full package we have 3 different quotas, very good price for the supreme works. Or you can select the individual service such as: Local SEO, SEO Content, SEO Audit, Technical SEO, Link Building.

How to measure SEO performance?

The most common way is to look at the organic channel in your Google Analytics report after a certain period of time. If you have any content strategy applied to boost SEO, have that keywords tracked with SEO tools to monitor their positions.

How to calculate SEO ROI?

The sad news is, you won’t be able to see the ROI clearly if your traffic doesn’t burst. Normally you will need to correctly set up the conversion and will need to wait for at least a certain amount of time (3-6 months) to see the effectiveness.