Needless to say how crucial can web bring to one’s favour, let us help you design and build your precious website
Infinity Upload
Unlimited media upload, your web is guaranteed upstream 24/7, easy to manage your content via CMS which will be handover and guided through
Fully Responsive
Adapted to all devices including but not limited to smartphones, tablets or computers, make sure all types of audiences are being screen served the right way
SEO Friendly
Your site will be crafted in SEO tone even you have not been ready for it but when you are, all to do is plug-and-play in your favour
Free Consulting
We have the knowledge to answer all questions concerned in relation to your business without any stealth charge, you ask we answer
By far, WordPress is the MOST popular platform which 1/3 of the worldwide websites are made out of WordPress. You will own one of those with the help of our creative and skillful webmasters to harness its power and make it your advantage. Beautiful designs and easily manage, with 15 years of experience, we deliver the best web design service. 
One of our unique selling points is speed optimization, we are the only one agency that truely take speed performance into the play, the faster your website the better for digital marketing and the more capability your business generates leads.
You won’t find any challenging price call from us, your investment will be ensured worthy for the quality in return. ZenMarvel is a premium web design class but comes with a humble price. 
Push your web performance to its peak, we are proud to be using the fastest Cpanel hosting registra to host your site with loads of premium features specifically made for wordpress to accumulate the stabilitiy across the world.
Content Delivery Network feature helps your audiences access to your site faster globally
Free Secure Sockets Layer certificate lets your domain has a shiny "secured" recognized by Google
Built-in Cache
No extra investment on any plugin since caching feature comes with the hosting package
Full Cpanel Control
You will have all access to backend via Cpanel to monitor the systems
Unlimited subdomains
Host your subdomains as many as you wish with no extra cost
Freely to establish new professional emails associated with your business domain
Frequently Asked

Is WordPress good for professional websites?

WordPress comes with many levels that will suit for any business size. While it’s similar to Android, this platform is highly adaptive and fully customizable with endless possibilities for non-technical users to high-end developers. WordPress is made for SEO and many other factors such as user experience, some e-commerce enterprises still make over $100 millions a year with WordPress platform with custom modules.

What is WordPress used for?

As the most popular open-source web platform, there are millions of commercial templates and plugins that will suit any business type including but not limited to personal blog, business, store and much more. No matter which industry, we can help you build one that suits your needs.

Is WordPress free to use?

Yes and No. There are two versions of WordPress, the one you can create for free but with limited resources of themes and plugins, this free version comes from On the other hand, is a paid version that you will need to buy a domain and a host to be able to start the website with your own domain name and fully access to the global commercial resources.

I don't have a host, is it possible to build a WordPress site without it?

If you use to blog, you don’t need to buy a host, it’s completely free. For building a full-function website, a hosting is needed to declare your territory and separate you from the default WordPress server in which billions of websites are parking at the same time.

What's the average cost for premium WordPress plugins?

While there are tons of free plugins with the similar features to select, the premium plugins are usually developed by the third parties. The cost of each plugin varies depends on how complicated they are. Some plugins cost as low as $5 but some may cost $300, the average cost stays in between $40 – $70 available in both stand-alone or subscription-based package.

What is a template in WordPress?

A template or so called a theme used when you’d like to change the appearance of the entire site to suit your business. The default template when you first sign up or install has a basic layout but impractical. Templates come with either free or paid version, you unlikely would find a desired template with a free one hence paid templates can satisfy you with the complex functions and terrific appearance.

What is Cpanel in WordPress

Cpanel is an acronym of Control Panel, mostly used in many hosting services and the most common server-side platform specifically designed for hosting websites including WordPress. Cpanel however requires some certain knowledge level of IT to configure and manage efficiently. ZenMarvel uses Cpanel to host your website but with premium package that will edge up the overall performance.

I already have a WordPress site, can I migrate to another host?

Yes you can. Migrating the entire WordPress site is viable, double check which host you are using and ZenMarvel can help you complete the migration within 3 hours.